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Calcium and Osteoporosis

Facts - Bone is living tissue - it is constantly being formed, broken down, and remodeled. Daily loss of calcium in sedentary adults is 200 mg per day - substantially more during strenuous activities. Read the entire article here.

Osteoporosis Guidelines Updated

The North American menopause Society (NAMS) has updated its 2002 evidence-based position statement on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis and has published the new guidelines ... to read more click here.

Nutritional Stategies in the Prevention of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a gradual reduction in bone mass that leads to an increase suseptibility to bone fractures. An estimated 1.5 million fractures are attributed to osteoporosis each year ...

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Importance of Calcium

Recent publication of studies evaluating the effects of calcium on bone health has raised questions about the role and importance of calcium in preventing and treating osteoporosis. To read more, click here.

Bone Up on Osteoporosis

An increase in patients concerned with osteoporosis or bone loss may be because the multi-billion-dollar estrogen alternative industry has raised awareness ...

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Osteoporosis - Protecting and Strengthening Bones Naturally

It should come as no surprise that as the population get increasingly older and life expectancy continues to increase, age-related diseases such as osteoporosis will impact more individuals. Reduced bone mineral density and resulting fractures is not inevitable, however. Diet and lifestyle factors, as well as numerous specific natural agents have tremenous impacts on preserving bone mass, preventing fractures, and even building bone mass. This review will outline strategies for preventing and treating osteoporosis using these factors. ... read more

Did you know?

Did you know there are two ways to reduce your risk of osteoporosis?

1) Maximize your peak bone mass.

2) Minimize age-related bone loss

If you check three or more items on this checklist, see your physician about osteoporosis prevention today. ... read more